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National Technical University, Athens
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
University of Thessaly, Volos


The research aims at formulating an integrated framework for the estimation of the Systemic Seismic Vulnerability of Port Facilities. Taking into account that the failure of one or more components of a facility can lead to different degrees of system degradation, the project aims at quantifying the earthquake effects on the performance of the entire system. This is achieved through an integrated procedure, encompassing the vulnerability assessment of individual elements (i.e. of the critical components), their interdependencies, and their effects on the vulnerability of the whole system. Having determined the most vulnerable components and the direct losses associated with the latter for different hazard scenarios, a subsequent goal is to devise on case specific contingency plans that are expected to highly buttress the coastal management practice by enhancing the emergency preparedness.
Within this context, the proposed research improves the state of the art of assessing :

  • The fragility of critical system components (i.e. of each of the various elements at risk) ;
  • The fragility of the entire system, taking account of the critical inter-dependencies ;
  • The direct (structural and non-structural), losses and possible human casualties ; and
  • The indirect socio-economic losses.

Emphasis is given to structures used for storage and transportation/distribution of water and fuel, such as piping systems and liquid storage tanks.

U.Th. Principal Investigators:

Panos Dakoulas

Total Budget:

600,000 Euros

UTh Budget:

126,400 Euros


36 months (2012 - 2015)


Figure B9 1

Figure 1: Finite element tank model.

Figure B9 2
Figure 2: Piping system.

Figure B9 3
Figure 3: Finite element model of nozzles.

Figure B9 4
Figure 4: Numerical simulations of Tee-joints.

Figure B9 5a Figure B9 5b
Figure 5: Finite element model of elbow.

Figure B9 6a
Figure 6: Upgrade of critical piping components.

Spyros A. Karamanos, PhD

Department of Mechanical Engineering | University of Thessaly | Pedion Areos, Volos 38334, Greece
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