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RIVA Acciaio SpA, Italy
University of Liege, Belgium
Technical University of Aachen, Germany
University of Thessaly, Greece
Arcelor Profil Luxemburg SA, Luxemburg
INSA de Rennes, France
University of Pisa, Italy


Despite modern seismic standards, like Eurocode 8, admit ductile design of steel and composite structures, current European production standards don't provide adequate limitations on steel mechanical properties limiting free application of such approach. Additional safety factors and design checks, aiming to guarantee optimal plastic hinges' location, must be foreseen, reducing practical applicability and possible advantages of seismic ductile design. The proposal aims at the definition of harmonised production and structural recommendations specifically for seismic areas, allowing design of ductile structures without any supplementary assessments on materials. Competitiveness, cheapness and safety of steel solutions in earthquake-prone areas will be highly increased.

Principal Investigator for U.Th.:

Spyros A. Karamanos

Total Budget:

1,429,155 Euros

U.Th. Budget:

162,000 Euros


36 months (2007 - 2010)


Figure A5 1

Figure 1: FE modeling of a 2L brace.

Figure A5 2
Figure 2: Cyclic behavior of a 2L brace.

Figure A5 3
Figure 3: Single-storey industrial building.

Figure A5 4
Figure 4: Five-storey office building.

Spyros A. Karamanos, PhD

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