Vasilis N. Kelantonis

Diploma Thesis, July 2009


The seismic design of liquid storage tanks and pressure vessels is a challenging design issue that has to consider the interaction between the liquid and the container. This results in the development of stationary waves in the liquid free surface, and the phenomenon is called "sloshing". Previous studies have shown the necessity for accounting this phenomenon.
This diploma thesis is aimed at presenting an integrated work that describes the phenomenon of sloshing in liquid containers and pressure vessels, and describes the design of such containers according to the API 650 and EN 1998-4 provisions in vertical cylindrical liquid storage tanks, horizontal cylindrical pressure vessels and spherical pressure vessels.


Finite Element21 clip image002 

Finite Element21 clip image004

Figure 1: Vertical cylindrical tanks.


Finite Element21 clip image006

Figure 2: Spherical pressure vessel.

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