European Convention of Steel and Coal (ECSC).


Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
University of Karlsruhe, Germany
TNO Bouw, The Netherlands.


The research aimed at investigating the capacity of welded tubular connections, under fatigue loads. Using finite element analysis, stress concentrations at the weld vicinity of a wide range of tubular joint geometries and sizes were measured. Applications, involve offshore structures, bridges, masts and towers.

Principal Investigator:

Prof. Jaap Wardenier, Delft Univ. of Technology, The Netherlands.


Spyros A. Karamanos, Post-Doctoral Fellow


24 months (1995 - 1996)


Figure B3 1

Figure 1: Multiplanar DT tubular joint (φ=45o)

Figure B3 2
Figure 2: Multiplanar DT tubular joint (φ=90o)

Figure B3 3
Figure 3: Multiplanar DT tubular joint (φ=135o)

Figure B3 4
Figure 4: Multiplanar DT tubular joint (φ=70o)

Figure B3 5
Figure 5: Multiplanar DT tubular joint (φ=70o) – weld detail.

Spyros A. Karamanos, PhD

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