Supervision of Graduate Diploma Theses

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[5] Michael Kavouras, September 2007, 'Buckling of Complete Elastic Spherical Shells'.

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[8] Patricia Pappa, September2008, 'Numerical Simulation of Mechanical Behavior of Industrial Elbows'.

[9] George E. Varelis, February 2010, 'Application of the Armstrong-Frederick Cyclic Plasticity Model for Simulating Structural Steel Member Behavior'.

[10] Aglaia E. Pournara, February 2011, 'Finite Element Analysis of High-Strength Steel Beam-Columns'.

[11] Evangelia Koritsa, February 2013, 'Buckling of Ring-Stiffened Tubular Members'.

[12] Dimitra Testa, July 2013, 'Finite Element Simulation of Cold-Bending Tube Manufacturing'.

[13] Giannoula Chatzopoulou, February 2014, 'UOE Pipe Forming Simulation using Advanced Cyclic-Plasticity Models'.

[14] Daphne Pantousa, July 2015, 'Numerical simulation of oil steel tank structural behavior under fire conditions'.

[15] Gregory C. Sarvanis, July 2015, 'Analytical and Numerical Methodologies for the Analysis and Design of Pipelines Crossing Seismic Faults'.

[16] Ioannis Skarakis, March 2016, 'Analytical and Experimental Investigation of Strengthening Oil & Gas Pipelines and Pipes withComposites (CFRP) under Extreme Cyclic Load'.

[17] Dimitris Fappas, February 2021, 'Structural Behavior of Lap Welded Steel Pipe Joints for Water Transmission Pipelines'.