Supervision of PhD Dissertations

[1] Sotiria Houliara, 'Computational Techniques in Structural Stability of Thin-Walled Cylindrical Shells' (completed, March 2008) [download dissertation]

[2] Daniel Vasilikis, 'Structural Behavior and Stability of Cylindrical Metal Shells with Lateral Confinement' (completed, December 2012) [download dissertation]

[3] Polynikis Vazouras, (co-advising with P. Dakoulas) 'Mechanical Behavior of Buried Steel Pipelines under Ground-Induced Actions' (completed, October 2013) [download dissertation]

[4] George E. Varelis, 'Ultimate Capacity of Steel Structural Members under Strong Cyclic Loading' (completed, December 2013) [download dissertation]

[5] Aglaia E. Pournara, 'Structural integrity of steel oil & gas pipelines with local wall distortions' (completed, November 2015) [download dissertation]

[6] Patricia Pappa, 'Computational Methods for Shell Buckling in the Plastic Range' (completed, July 2016) [download dissertation]

[7] Maria Vathi, 'Structural Behavior of Liquid Storage Steel Containers under Strong Dynamic Excitation' (completed, July 2016) [download dissertation]

[8] Giannoula Chatzopoulou, 'structural Behaviorof Steel Components Under Strong Cyclic Loading' (completed, December 2019) [download dissertation]

[9] Konstantinos Chatziioannou [The University of Edinburgh] ‘Numerical Methods for Ratcheting and Cyclic Damage in Metal Components’ (completed, June 2020) [download dissertation]

[10] Ilias Gavriilidis, [The University of Edinburgh] ‘Mechanical behaviour of steel lined pipes under monotonic and cyclic loading’ (expected, June 2020)

[11] Gregory C. Sarvanis, ‘Numerical Simulation of Metal Fatigue Using the Cohesive Zone Method’ (expected, December 2020)

[12] Konstantinos Antoniou, ‘Numerical Simulation of Line Pipe Fabrication and its Effect on Pipe Mechanical Behavior’ (expected, December 2020)

[13] Apostolos Nasikas, [The University of Edinburgh] ‘Non-Associative Plasticity Models for Structural Instability in the Inelastic Range’ (expected, June 2021)