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National Technical University, Athens
University of Thessaly, Volos
University of Patras
Institute of Technical Seismology and Anti-seismic Structures


The research concerns the most important structural components in a typical industrial facility, i.e. liquid storage tanks, industrial pressure vessels, industrial piping systems and their supports. The primary target is to develop a systematic performance-based design and assessment methodology for the risk mitigation of industrial equipment structures. This target will be achieved through a multi-disciplinary approach and the development of simple and efficient numerical methodologies that allow computing the probability of structural failure (i.e. when structure is not able to meet the purpose for which it was designed), when subjected to typical ground motions representative of sites where major industrial facilities in Greece are located..

U.Th. Principal Investigators:

Spyros A. Karamanos

Total Budget:

600,000 Euros

UTh Budget:

118,000 Euros


42 months (2012 - 2015)


Figure B8 1

Figure 1: Finite element tank model.

Figure B8 2
Figure 2: Simplified spring-mass model for tank.

Figure B8 3
Figure 3: Spherical pressure vessel supported by braced columns.

Figure B8 4
Figure 4: Simplified spring-mass model for spherical pressure vessel.

Figure B8 5
Figure 5: Piping System.

Figure B8 6
Figure 6: Finite element models of Tee-joint with reinforcement plates and with fitting.

Spyros A. Karamanos, PhD

Department of Mechanical Engineering | University of Thessaly | Pedion Areos, Volos 38334, Greece
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